The Science behind velvety silk Bonding Mask

For those looking to understand how VELVETY SILK BONDING MASK repairs hair, it is important to understand the hair itself. Velvety silk bonding mask works for all hair types, from straight to curly. virgin until over-processed, but why? Our treatment works on the hair at the molecular level.
All hair on a molecular level is the same, regardless of its texture or integrity. This means that hair can break in the same way it can heal!

We are inclusive at our core, from our values ​​to our products, making the ingredients in ENYERMY HAIR SOLUTION the healthy solution to everyone's hair damage!

The integrity of each hair shaft is compromised when bonds are broken, whether by chemicals, thermal and mechanical styling, and even environmental factors.
With Velvety Silk bonding mask we can rejoin those broken links and create a permanent change in the internal structure of the hair. This means permanently rebuilding the hair until it breaks again.
Velvety silk bonding mask is a vegan formula that combines 16 amino acids that is responsible for bonding the broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services.
In this sense, the experts explain that the most important difference is that amino acids rebuild the internal structure of the hair fiber, while proteins cannot do it with the same ease because they are larger molecules.

Everyone deserves the best of hair, every day.
As you may have noticed, hair can be damaged on a daily basis. You may be enjoying the summer sun or exposing yourself to the cold and wet in winter which exposes your hair to severe environmental damage. The best way to control it is by regularly treating your hair at home with the right treatments to ensure intensive weekly rebuilding.

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